Achieving Crispy and Shiny, I Have Not. Yet.

I can do non-corporate head shots. I've done head shots for a yoga instructor, beautician, acupuncturist, real estate agent, graduate, vet-school applicant, fiction author, autobiographical author, music instructor, special needs teacher, iphone app developer. All outdoors, natural light, with a gentle pop of flash.

I've somehow landed myself a corporate headshot gig through a referral. Corporate headshot is going to be a totally different species, and I've been fretting about it for the past half day. I have 2 weeks to figure it out. It'll be an indoor studio set up - but the lighting will be tricky. There will 3 artificial light sources. I will definitely need to do some equipment renting. You know how head shots of people in business suits look... rather crispy and shiny? As opposed to this rather soft, friendly photo. It's in the lighting.

I'm rather excited about learning something new. Actually, I sway between feelings of trepidation and intrepidness. It'll take some reading of advice from the internet (other people's blogs and websites), I'll ask my favorite camera equipment rental company for advice, and then I'll practice at home on family members who have no choice but to grudgingly oblige.