Lead Singers Are Energetic

I finally have gotten out to experience some local music. This is My First Earthquake, at the Noise Pop Fest Warm Up, Cafe Du Nord. I just happen to have gone to undergrad with the white shirted guy in the background (Hi Chad!). Anyways, band photography is something I'd been wanting to try, but hadn't happened until now. I had to show up with a mindset of photographing - I can't just think: Oh maybe I'll bring my camera and take a few photos. That never works.

As with all photography, the big challenge is figuring out the lighting. Stages are usually poorly lit, and thus flash is necessary especially if you have an energetic band member, such as this lead singer.

In all my photos I used a wide angle non-portrait lens allowing for focus on both near and far at the same time (f/4.0), and set my camera at ISO 800 (thus increasing camera speed though foregoing some cleanliness/gaining graininess). I experimented constantly with shutter speed. This was taken at 1/40 sec.

For more about My First Earthquake: http://www.myfirstearthquake.com