No More Stickers.

New Postcard design! It's about time. My old postcard has the wrong website address (pre-Ginkgo days), and it is NOT FUN to cut out little hand written stickers with the correct address to place over the wrong one. Additionally, my old postcard photos don't reflect my current style. All these were taken within the last year. I've come a long way.

Picking out photos took a long time. I want to show that I can do candid and semi-posed, full families and individuals, close to new-born (2 weeks!) to grown-up, head portrait to body length, that I have varied composition, that I can capture color, outdoors, texture, good lighting. I picked my favorite landscape oriented photos, and worked brightly colored portrait oriented photos around them, alternating close facial shots with body length, and balancing out colors. Large faces work best since the post card is only 5x7; a photo with small faces doesn't contribute much unless the background or body poses speak loudly. I spaced and lined up the photos precisely. From this postcard, one would gather that I have a tidy desk. Haha! Not true.

Instead or in addition to business cards, photographers get postcards printed. It's just easier to show off work. I won't actually be mailing postcards to anyone. I give these to clients who express interest in passing my name around, or I may leave a pile of postcards next to my silent auction donation sign up (I often wind up donating a session to silent auctions, for schools and non-profits).