Peaches For Me

I did those Non-Scary-Natural-Light exec head shots for a certain large canned fruit company today. The one with more syllables. Why so cryptic? Just for fun. Anyways, they're located at One Market St in SF, which is amazing real estate because it's right there where Market T-intersects with Embarcadero. Views of the Bay Bridge and such. How did I get this gig? Just so happened that I did family photos a the human resources person in that company. They did consider several candidates, and it came down to myself and another with a similar style and rate, but they had met me and not the other photographer, so the choice was easy. The power of referral.

I hauled about 40 lb of equipment over there, mostly lighting stuff. Just in case I had to do an indoor shoot. I was brought up to the lunchroom, which opens onto the shaded (by other tall buildings) rooftop. The roof had a wall decorated with a wooden lattice and leafy vines strung throughout - this was to be the backdrop. It was a partly cloudy day, and I wound up using all natural light, about 2 lb of the 30 lb of stuff I'd brought along. Suited men and woman showed up, stood in front of the lattice, smiled, and left. It was remarkably straight forward.

I lightened my load as I ate parts of it for lunch, but my load reducing efforts were thwarted, at the same time my secret hopes had been fulfilled. She walked in, carrying two boxes full of cling peaches and bartlett pears in jars, spotted me and asked cheerfully: Want some peaches? They're almost expired... I can't serve them at meetings any more.
Free Fruit?! Yes Please!
I shall never grow out of undergrad free food mentality.

And it just so happens that I am drawing peaches for this restaurant illustration gig.