Time for Cuteness

It's been too long since I've posted a cute photo. So I give you a Superdose of Cute, just in time for Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year!

Cuteness is further amplified by the giraffe costume. At this point, later in the photoshoot, she is getting a little tired. The most winning smiles are always given at the start of the shoot, when the situation is novel and energy is at its peak. Lovely limited color palette, and visual theme of graphic prints.

Lighting conditions were perfect: a sunny day, with direct sun only just making it through the window (sun was quite high, at 2pm); baby in non-direct sun, but lit very nicely by the glow from that direct sun. Light colored walls and furniture to reflect diffuse white light all around. Yes, all natural light! (and a bit of photoshopping)