Circulation 3.1 Million

Article. Detail. Cover (note: tiny pic at top center of cover)
Little things that brighten my day. Like finding that my photo (photo Taken by me, not photo Of me) has been published in and on the COVER of TIME magazine (for kids). I'd totally forgotten about this! This article is about non-oprofit, my other job wherein I teach kids with big bugs about insect adaptation and conservation. The bigger picture is that we raise $$ to buy up valuable (in a biodiversity way) natural habitat around the world.

That's my bug boss, with the Giant African Millipede. If you squint really hard in the above photo you can see my photo credit in miniscule font along the right edge of the pic. The original photo is to the left. Compare and contrast. They took out the background, and hark, they changed his shirt color! What's wrong with light purple? And then someone got a little carried away plastering vector ants, resulting in an uncomfortably composed article page - it's very bottom-left heavy, you know? Clip art, if one must resort to clip art, should not be an afterthought, but included in the composition. Same thing with a signature on a drawing. But I digress.

Next time you note the tiny microscopic print crediting a photographer on the side of a photo, know that one person somewhere is doing mental cartwheels over that less than 0.25 inches squared of print space.

If you want to read the article (or my photo credit), if you click on the top pic it should expand.