Dance Photography Is Addictive. More Please!

Dress Rehearsal! Of course I would want to photograph dress rehearsal, complete with lighting arrangement, a day before the actual performance. Since one can't photograph during actual performance, this is this next best thing. Stage lighting, and non-black costumes, made Such a difference. I got to bump my ISO to 800 - far less grainy pics, still on aperture priority at f/1.4, shutter speed around 1/200.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to photograph dance. Why? Hmm... maybe I like that I can observe art carefully while making art at the same time? Combined with video game reflexes on the shutter button? Of course, dance is meant to be observed in its moving form, not still. I think that by capturing still images, I better appreciate the details in movement, placement, control over body. When I watch dance, I see a bigger picture - masses of color and shape.

This performance is one amongst many at the Spring Dance Inspiration 2010, a fundraiser for brain tumor research and treatment. The co-director and co-founder is Tomoko Ozawa, who is a dancer, and neurosurgeon at UCSF. I previously photographed for Kathy Mata Ballet, who are a part of this event. All the dancers have non-dance professions, such as architect, graphic designer, high schooler and judge. The dedication they give to ballet is amazing. More photos later....