If You're Shopping For A Picnic Blanket

It's been a six shoot weekend, and I ... YAWN... am ready for Monday. Rain is coming to town on Tuesday, which means I may not have any more shoots until next weekend, which gives me a chance to catch up on edits. April... how is it almost April already?

I recently purchased a very useful photoshoot accessory. It is the JJ Cole Essentials Blanket, which is beneath the baby to the left. This blanket is waterPROOF, and comes in stylish shades, have genernous proportions, is heavy enough that it doesn't get flipped up by wind or little feet, yet readily foldable into small messenger-bag-like size. All for a mere $30! It is truly essential for San Francisco baby shoots, where the ground is most often going to be damp. I recommend this to all moms who plan to picnic, and all those who like to photograph babies outdoors in areas with wet climates. In all the cases I've whipped the JJCEB out, the parents have mused: We have to get one of those!

Now if I were really saavy, I would enter a link to the amazon page for this bag, and should any of you readers go ahead and purchase one, I'd get a kick back. But, that would require reading some blog guide page as to how to do this and that. I don't feel like it right now.

I bring this blanket, and wear my knee-high rain boots to all outdoor baby shoots, regardless of weather. I spend as much time low on the muddy ground as the babies do.

Here is one Happy Baby. With babies that are learning to stand/ walk, there is a lot of cheering involved. YAAAAY! This little guy enjoyed having a cheering audience, and broke into big cheesy grins. We did our best to keep him on the blanket, but finally decided we'd gotten plenty of non-muddy knee photos, and let him loose on the grass. Babies look good on grass.