Same Blog! New Look!

I'm trying out a new layout. I've been wanting to get rid of the distracting sidebar stuff, like site visit count, profile, etc. It made my blog posting space too skinny. I'd seen other blogspot blogs with nice wide posting areas - how did they achieve this?! With some hunting around, I found Blogger Template Designer, which allows much customization; and not just filling in a template with colors. But the ability to adjust width of elements. Blogspot does not specify how to access this, and I finally figured out that you must log into:
Which is different from the usual URL. I don't get why it's set up like this, maybe they're beta testing? Anyways, from here you'll see a link to Blogger Template Designer, and off you go.

I'm not going to bother to re-lay out all the previous stuff I've posted, which of course is trying to fit to the new template and so pictures and type are all over the place. And I may tweak things some more. We'll see how well the minty green suits my mood!