Fun Marine Textures

There are times when my head becomes bleary from baby edits. Yes yes, babies are very cute and all, but sometimes I need editing refreshment. For a pick-me-up treat, I turn to my a supply of Non-Baby-Related Stuff I Photographed But Didn't Have Time To Edit. I already did the funnest photos of course, the Monterey Bay jellies. Not jellyfish, mind you, the aquarium world is trying to stop misleading people and call them jellies... and while we're on the subject - sea stars, not starfish - who went around naming everything this fish that fish anyways? I don't know what the verdict is on sea slug vs sea cucumber. Both are inaccurate, but perhaps slug is closer, the cucumber being a vegetable. Were you wondering? Sea slugs are not wormy or sluggy at all. They're actually related to sea stars - the both have radial symmetry, most often five point symmetry. Sand dollars, sea urchins too. They're all Echinoderms. Got that? Now you can be a marine animal geek at social events.

Time is a-flying by, and it is almost May. May appears to be a popular month - already more bookings than April, and May hasn't even begun. I wonder if after a few years of this, more predictable patterns of busy-ness will emerge. Come back in a few years to this blog and I will post a graph of busy-ness data.