Pro Bono Publico

Over the weekend I did some Pro Bono photography for the Randal Museum's Bug Day. This young man has glue gunned a wood bug out of select wood scraps for the head, thorax, abdomen and 6 legs.

Pro Bono is the fancy word(s) for volunteer photography, but I suppose it refers specifically to a professional providing professional quality services for free or discount to those who cannot afford them. It's short for Pro Bono Publico, which means For The Public Good in latin. I'd known the term, in the back of my head. But recently I signed up to shoot for Hands On The Bay, an org that sets up schools/ businesses with volunteering ops, and the coordinator asked me: "Do you do a lot of Pro Bono photography?" And I said: "Eh?" I've decided that I will now use Pro Bono as often as possible. "Oh yes, I do plenty of Pro Bono Work. do you require my Pro Bono photo services?"

April is hurtling by, and there is constantly something to do. I've come to a point where photo stuff has piled dauntingly high. Client emails/ phone calls are priority - I like it when my queries / concerns are addressed swiftly and thoroughly by customer service, so I do the same for my clients. I wind up investing an unplanned 1-2 hours a day doing this. Ack! Time to edit.