Nothing says Spring Has Sprung! Like a mostly nude baby and tulips. We were lucky to do this shoot when the tulips were at their prime - as anyone who has lived with tulips knows, their neatly packaged petals will soon open and splutter outwards, the heads will droop and sigh extravagantly. Then gardeners lop their heads off. I've since been back to the tulip garden twice, and the tulips have not looked quite as glorious.

This baby was not cold at all in her birthday suit. The fog was burning off on what was to be a lovely spring day, but despite the diffuse light I added a pop of fill flash (with diffuser) - flash at about -1/3 power.

It's all about background. Indoors or out, I try to find backgrounds that sing out: Fresh! New! I avoid dark backgrounds (unless intentionally contrasting, like with newborn silhouettes) - I mean, there must be a reason why it is hard to find black baby clothes.