Three Degrees Removed and Happy Egg Day

If you recognize this bunny, you've been reading my blog for at least a year - thank you for journeying with me! Though the bunny outfit might be the same, the bunny is different on the inside. This bunny happens to be a professional ballroom dancer, and is a friend to Cheryl Burke. Yes! You are 3 degrees removed from Cheryl Burke, Dancing With The Stars pro dancer! Did you know that Cheryl's dance school is in SF? I've actually driven past it on occasion. (While we're on the subject, Edyta teaches at a school down the block from where I live. At least I assume so, there's a big poster of her on the door.)

Anyways, I am psyched as I now has a ballroom dancing contact - wouldn't it be fun to photograph ballroom!!

He also made an excellent bunny. Very interactive. Many kids grew very fond of him, and trailed him around the garden, Pied Piper-like. The bunny handed out Easter themed gifts. I was lucky enough to receive Peeps Vanilla Marshmallow Cream scented lip balm. Yes, I am as skeptical as you. I will wait until I am very desperately chapped before I open that up.