Busload of Tourists

Dark colored dogs are hard to photograph. To capture the form, one most over expose (ie, let more light in) so that details such as reflection off the black fur can be recorded. However, using that same exposure on light-colored humans means that the humans may be washed out. The easiest way for me to deal with this is to find a happy medium exposure, then to either lighten or darken selected areas in photoshop.

We were spotted by a busload of (Taiwanese?) tourists brandishing cameras. The ladies approached, curious and cautious of the rottie. Gwai? Gwai? they asked me in Mandarin (Taiwanese?) - I assume, because I look Chinese. Fortunately this sounds almost the same as Cantonese Gwai which means Well-Behaved/Sweet-Natured. So I assured them Ho Gwai, ie, Really Gwai. Next thing we knew, they were lining up to have their photo taken with him, and flurry of camera swapping ensued. Don't the ladies look happy? I suppose if I went to another country and saw a cute dog of a breed I didn't usually see in the US, I'd want a pic taken with it too. This rottie was a good sport about the whole thing.

I helped this lady take her photo, and then she scrolled through her camera to share with me a picture of her own dog, a white fluffy lap dog, Maltese or Shih tzu. Fantastic, that our common thread should be a love of dogs.