Clarion Alley

The Mission district in SF is known for its murals. It's a SF sight that I've been intending to visit, but only got around to doing so in the last week. I did an engagement shoot in Balmy Alley which I'll post about later. This is Clarion Alley, off of Mission St between 17th and 18th on the west side. Mission St is a raucous, tumble of people - wafts of all sorts of smells and splashes of color. Step into this surprisingly clean alley, which is in fact, a narrow road through which residents access house garages, and find yourself in a quiet oasis, with long stretches of painted walls and garage doors.

I didn't have time to walk the full length of the alley, as I had made the visit to kill some time while waiting for a school-bus-full of 6 year olds to show up for an after school birthday party and pinata bash.