Bath Time

No pretty pictures today. This is my dirty sensor. I read someplace that DSLR sensors should be professionally cleaned at least once a month for pros, every three months for others. I've had this camera body for almost two years, and things had been going alright until.... I think, I started doing a lot of windy beach shoots. Dust and tiny mist particles all fly into the camera body when I change lenses, and settle on the inside surfaces. There's all sorts of mechanical and sensitive bits inside the camera, like mirrors and things. Very difficult to clean on ones' own; one doesn't want to leave residue, or scratch anything. It's not just a matter of Q-tip swabbing. Once I learned that the best cleaners are flammable, not allowed on airplanes and must be handled in a hood, I decided to go with a professional cleaning.

The above photo is the Before pic. The After pic is clear of spots, so I didn't bother posting it. Sensor cleaning isn't cheap; I shopped around and $60 seems to be the standard. But it'll be worth not having to photoshop out the spots from my pics.