On the Patio

Keeping things simple. Gentle lighting, happy expressions, plain background (this was the Mom's white pashmina), secured on a table top and draped down onto the floor in front of the patio. There wasn't much room, so I lay outside on the floor of the patio, photographing the indoor setup.

I've gone and sprained my ankle, which is very inconvenient. I can barely walk, much less do all the maneuvering required for a shoot. I spent the day contacting this week's clients to postpone shoots. All are postponable except for a family reuinion picnic/ family olympics event. And another family with whom I've had to postpone once before. I will just have to deal with it. However, I need not be spry to do edits, so I can sit here at my desk and do that for days until I can hobble. Ugh.