Panoramas are Fun, Some Aspects of Craigslist are Not Fun

This is one of the earlier panoramas that my sig other took, using the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX1. We had not previously experimented much, but on this Maui trip he had a panorama party, which worked out well as that kept him happy while I crouched on lava rocks photographing tide pool denizens. If you've not had the fun experience of shooting panoramas before, it works like this: put camera on Panorama Mode, then hit the shutter and move from left to right. One can keep the horizon straight, or do all sorts of experimental angles, or move crookedly, or vertically. Many many possibilities! Can't move too fast though; it needs some time to stitch images together. I have no idea how it works.

Ke'Ane Road shoots off from the Hana Highway (a scenic, very green, very windy drive along the NE coast on the rainy side of the volcano) to the Ke'Ane Peninsula, consisting of a relatively young lava outcropping. Lava flows into the ocean make FANTASTIC tide pools. So many crags, nooks and uneven surfaces! Thrilling, for the tide pool enthusiast, even at high tide.

Topic change. I received an uninvited email from a random person who saw my photo ad on craigslist. He didn't bother introducing himself and said that I was charging far too little for my services, and said: "Also, giving away high res discs is like giving away film. No photographer would have ever done that before the digital era." Well that's just the point, isn't it! Now it IS the digital era, so times have changed. Lots of photographers, not give, but include the digital files in their services. I know I've discussed this before. It's just irksome to have some self-righteous person lecturing me about my work without anything constructive to say. And no link to his own work or rates, or even a full name. Well, there are definitely pros and cons to using CL.