All things Apples

 Don't get much more down-homey-all-American than at a Apple Fair! Sebastopol, THE world capitol of the Gravenstein apple, hosted the 100 anniversary Gravenstein Apple Fair. Apple pie, tarts, fritters, cider, juice, vinegar and of the caramel dipped variety. Plus the usual fair fare - lemonade, fries, funnel cake, BBQ. Live bluegrass and folk music, and a caramel apple eating contest! I realized quickly by observation, that eating a caramel apple really fast is really hard. One has to have high confidence in their teeth, and strong jaw muscles. There was an exhibit of historic mechanical farm equipment, including machinery by familiar names such as Maytag. Likely the same machines were at the early Gravenstein Apple Fairs, and touted as the latest in cutting edge farming technology. Hee hee!