Fun New Backdrop Paper

Hello Baby! In case you're wondering: One main light (4 bulbs) from front/overhead, plus another muted light pointing at the backdrop to get rid of the shadow cast by the baby from the first light. Plus on-camera diffused flash.

New photo supplies: Blue background paper! I had been thinking about background paper for a while, to use in lieu of cloth backdrops. The advantage: No wrinkles, as it comes on a giant roll - and thus even colors, seamlessness between wall and floor, saturated color (as the paper is designed for photography). Disadvantages: it's reusable only to an extent. It can be re-rolled up, but the "floor" portion gets a little wrinkly. I think I can get at least 5 sessions out of a piece before I'll need to cut off the floor portion. It comes in a rainbow of colors, so I think I shall invest in some dark red for holiday photos, and maybe a pink for baby girl pics. And leaf green, because I like green. Maybe dark brown. At $30-ish for a roll of 53" x 12 yards, it's not out of budget, but does require a wide background holder with steady crossbar from which to hang the roll; cheap ones run about $100.

My car trunk, by the way, is jam packed with studio photo equipment. Hauling all of this stuff back and forth between my car and home between shoots would be too much of a hassle, so it just stays in there. Some times things melt, like the padding on the legs of some of my tripods, but no biggie. The rolls are too long for the trunk, and so now the equipment is also taking over the back seat. Just a little dose of photographer reality for you.