Four Variations

The day following possibly the hottest day in San Francisco so far, we headed out to Ocean Beach for a sunset maternity shoot. What a fantastic maternity outfit! The skirt reflection elongates her figure, or she appears to be on a pedestal; a rather Goddess-like quality. I've actually been day dreaming of a sunset maternity beach shoot - the lighting is perfect for showing off silhouettes, the background faded by haze, foreground subject richly lit. In the above pic, I tried to bring out the blues, purples, warm red tones - very obviously sunset. But if you prefer subtlety, the below photo has a dreamy, morning-ish feel. Glowy yellow light, melting the colder blues away.

Perhaps your tastes are more cinematic. A dramatic black and white, sky pushed to white, shadow pushed to black, features sharpened and contrast increased. What does the yellowy background of the last photo do? I think it sets the scene in another era, an ancient time, I wonder if there is a story behind the image.