It's been 6 days. I'm sorry. I think that may be one of the longest lapses in blog posts in a while. What can I say, life has been very busy! I'm getting ready for some travel, so I've packed a lot into the week beforehand, not to mention guests in town and all sorts.

These are photos from my first session with the 5DMII in late September. I've since done an additional 13 shoots, and I'm afraid the 40D has been sitting around gathering dust. At first I brought it along because I felt sorry for it. I finally accepted that it was just extra weight. Anyways, this little guy was really quick, even for the 5D. There was a lot of ground lolling, and the full frame of the 5D (ie wider angle) made it easy for (short) me to stand over him and fit more than his face in the frame. I was still getting acquainted to the 5D capabilities, so you can see that the focus points (ie eyes/ lashes) are not as crisp as I'd like. Now I know better.