Autumn Update

How did Halloween pass me by without any cute kid in costume post?! Here you go, so as not to deprive you of your annual dose.

Fall is rapidly whizzing by. I have a record 38 shoots in November, far more than the 25 that I'd aimed for. Pretty much means working every day (including shoots every day except for 2 days) without breaks until Thanksgivings, but I knew going into November that I'd have to just take a deep breath, take the plunge, and Just Keep Swimming. I do thrive on the productivity.

21 of the 38 are repeat clients, which makes life easier: everyone knows what to expect - less explaining on my part, no awkwardness in getting to know each other, no need to develop trust bonds. The thing with repeat clients though, is that last year their kids were 1 yr olds. Now, the kids are all around 2 yrs old and extremely mobile, which means much more chasing on my part.

Must stay organized! Emailing reminders for sessions and Day Light Savings ending; planning Plan Bs in case of rain (and keeping a constant eye on weather reports); fitting in errands and dog walking between photoshoots; contacting venues for permission to do a shoot for those clients who want to do a session in fancy hotels or private gardens; keeping batteries charged, memory cards empty, all photos backed up on computer and two external hard drives; stocking the fridge with good food so that I don't resort to ramen and canned food. That on top of shoots and editing.