Pirate Attack!

Armed with a sword and our wits, we deftly avoided capture by Captain Hook and his pirate posse, who were rapidly descending upon us. The best option was to hide amongst the boulders, which would be certain to provide camouflage and protection. And to further disguise ourselves, we best wear a conspicuous furry winter hat.

It was the only way to get him to be still for more than a second. And the only reasoning that convinced him to wear the hat. In an 100% candid  photo session during which I accrued more foot mileage than any other, it was all about getting in on the pirate story. Although I do think his stick wielding skills would make him an excellent wizard-in-training also. Confundus, you foe! Expelliarmus!

It's cold out, for California. I always hope that this doesn't deter parents from doing an outdoor shoot (unless we're talking little babies, in which case they'd just disappear into their bundled layers). I like photographing the textures of winter wear. I personally think that living in San Francisco, we should embrace the wet coldness, instead of avoid it, less we cloister ourselves indoors for most of the year. A good pair of rubber boots, that's all I've got to say.