Huge Bath Tub

Coming across another San Francisco scenic spot is always a delight - just when I thought I knew all the photogenic viewpoints in the city. Not so! I have much exploring to do, apparently. At the NW corner of the city is Sutro Baths, now a part of Golden Gate Rec Area. Way back in the late 1800s, a rich SF guy named Adolph Sutro made a huge public bath/pool, that was conveniently rinsed out by high tide. You had seven pools to choose from, dressing rooms, and the baths were even covered by a glass structure. It was apparently quite glamorous in the day, complete with movie theater and an ice skating rink at some point, and its own rail way stop. The structure was destroyed by fire in 1966, and all that is left is the concrete/ rock base that the modern visitor can clamber over at their own risk of falling in. It is quite popular with ducks and photographers.