Warning: You May Experience Fabric Envy

It's true. I have a cute fabric addiction. I think some of you will understand. A part of the problem is that many cotton prints are limited editions, and so when I see something I like, I just Have To get it or I may never see it again. I don't go crazy though. At most I'll buy a yard. The biggest thing I'll make is a baby quilt, and the great thing about quilts is that one can use even very small pieces. I might make simple bags or cushion covers. I'm not about to make any clothing for myself - way too much of a pain- much easier to go clothes shopping.

My favorite SF fabric store is called Peapod Fabrics in Inner Sunset: http://www.peapodfabrics.com/
I also shop from a few online places:
Fabric Worm (Paso Robles) : http://www.fabricworm.com/
Hart's Fabric (Santa Cruz): http://www.hartsfabric.com/
And occasionally gems may be found at Fabric.com, intermixed with a lot of tacky stuff (their clientele includes the Pre-DIY/Craft-As-Empowerment Generation, if you know what I mean): http://www.fabric.com/

If you are not a Fabric Person (Don't know if you are? Answer this: Do you swoon when overhearing anything about Japanese Import Fabric? If so, you are a Fabric Person), you may be interested to know that sets of fabric designs are designed by fabric designers, like a line of clothing. Sure there are generics, like Jo-Ann Fabric fabrics, but the really cool stuff comes from specific brand names/ designers such as Alexander Henry who came up with the "June Bug" bird line which includes the "June Song" fabric in "Tea" near the top left. Of course the hope is that you'll snap up yards of the whole "June Bug" line, which will be similar in theme/ style and will color coordinate, perfect for your quilting needs.