Count Down Is On

Isn't this cute? They look so cross!

I've finally gotten around to packing my hospital sleep over bag. For when my baby decides to make her grand entrance (exit?), of course. One of the decisions I've been procrastinating on is What Camera(s) to Bring? The little Canon Powershot point n shoot was an easy enough decision, but I had to hunt it down, plus the charger and battery, and then delete pics and videos taken in 2008 that were left on the memory card. Hunting Things Down is much more laborious than it sounds, which is why I procrastinated. I am as maneuverable (and cheerful) as a beached beluga, and pawing through my boxes of camera stuff stored on various shelves requires limberness and dexterity than I've not had in weeks. Fortunately, found the Powershot in the third box.

Next, I decided on my Canon 5D II with 50mm f/1.4 lens only. My other lenses are massive in size and weight, and it seems ridiculous to haul that to the hospital, since I'm the one who knows how to operate them and I'm the one who has to endure labor. This set up will be good for low light pics, and has hi-res video - uh, NOT for labor, but possible for recovery room hanging out. It just doesn't feel right to go into this without my favorite camera, as silly as it seems to bring the DSLR.

I still have two-ish weeks to go, but I've had quite enough of these massively pregnant symptoms already. Just when I feel like I've accumulated enough discomforts, I detect a new one, such as my left wrist clicking in and out of position, or feeling like I landed - hard - on a bike cross bar. And I still have edits to do. As my hands become cabbage-patch-kid-ier by the day, it just gets harder and harder.