Bunny Time

Happy Spring! Finally some stretches of sunshine in SF. I am still in the habit of checking doppler weather radar maps even though weather is of no consequence now that I'm on maternity leave. One of my last shoots included this Japanese Tea Garden variety of bunny. Her mom brought along some massive balloons as props, and they work nicely to lighten up what would otherwise be a dark background.

It's bunny time, in more ways than one. My own rabbitling should be arriving any time now, and I wait with impatience. I would have loved to use this time to do crafty things, such as to design mobiles/ garlands/ hangings (young babies are on their backs so often, I thought it would be nice to provide ceiling entertainment), little outfits, and one can never have enough quilts. Painfully swollen hands have put those fabric dreams to rest unfortunately, as well as any hopes of leisurely reading books, or baking, or even blogging very much (I take a typing break after each sentence). With either my wrist braces on, or my home-fashioned ice-pack mitt, I can at the very least, do some online shopping. On the bright side, given that my hands are bad at holding things and I spend a lot of time sitting, I am pleased to find that my iphone in its silicone sleeve, rests flat and securely atop my baby bump. I need only look down and with a few pokes, can check weather maps and email.