San Francisco Maternity

There are many cold, grey days in San Francisco, especially in the Summer when the rest of the northern hemisphere is enjoying popsicles and sprinkler jumping. I do my best to embrace the wintry weather in my work. It is entirely possible have a great shoot on an overcast day - as long as my subjects are in good spirits; they will radiate their own warmth. Meanwhile, cloudy skies provide a flattering diffuse light, and also lends an introspective mood to photos.

It wasn't so long ago that I was pregnant. Maternity shoots remind me of those days of anticipation, a little nervousness, and a lot of excitement. It's nice to now be able to understand how moms-to-be now feel in my maternity shoots. The shared experience I believe, makes me a more compassionate photographer, and I strive for deeper feeling in my portraits than before, when my focus more heavily weighted on aesthetics.