Kids and Animals

Doesn't get much more fun than this! Kids and animals. I don't remember seeing any scared kids. Little girls and boys were either all captivated and/or really really happy. Many grown ups too, indulged the kid within. Here are a bunch of fresh off the camera (wide angle f/4, 17-40mm w/ flash & diffuser) pictures from yesterday. Above: the Giant Thorny Phasmid, below: big python, hedgehog, hmm I don't know my lizards... a bunch of giant millipedes, little python, tortoise, hissing cockroach, eastern lubber grasshopper, chicken, some other snake (sigh, and I took herpetology too), and possum. The possum is way cuter than I'd have expected for a possum. Up til now, I've only seen possums hissing at me, or playing dead. AnimalPalooza was a huge success - let's hope for AnimalPalooza II next year! Thanks to for putting it all together.