Iphone photo editing is addictive; I do it while baby/dog walking, while computer photoshoping with my other hand, and while breast-feeding (TMI? Well, if you're a baby mom right now, you will understand how BFing is a great - and sometimes the only - time to catch up on all things digital.)

I have a new favorite photo app: Magic Hour. I did pay for it, but what's a few $ for the capability to make brilliant photo art on the go? This app has presets like all the other apps, but what is awesome is that it has manual controls for brightness/ saturation/ contrast, curves (if you dare mess with those), frames, vignettes, tilt-shift (selective focus), and textures. Any of these features can be adjusted on the existing presets, and can be saved as new presets. Which can then be shared with the entire Magic Hour community, for free! Also fantastic - it outputs relatively hi-res pics. All this in a few user-friendly minutes. Bam! Photos go from I Obviously Took This With A Camera Phone to Pizzazzy.

The Dahlia Garden outside the Conservatory of Flowers is at peak bloom right now. Gorgeously hued, impossibly large (as big as my baby's head!) and richly varied from bush to bush. Perfect subject for camera phone photography. And of course, nothing is as frequently photographed as our own babies (and pets). I couldn't help but include just one pic of my own Little One, snoozing away.