Cute Baby Kimono Dress

Admittedly, last last year I silently celebrated the news that I was gestating a baby girl as I could thus make cute little dresses for her! While yes, little boys wear clothes, it's not the same, making a cute pair of pants or shirt. Partly because the fabric selection is better for girls, though sewing moms of boys rejoice as designers are starting to come out with fabric patterns for boys that aren't all about Cars and Trucks and Space in Prime Colors.

I made a pattern for this kimono dress (to be worn with jeggins, perhaps) in 2 sizes. This dress was made for another baby, and I realize she will swiftly outgrow it. That's the thing... from the time I decide to make a dress, to getting fabric and making the dress and delivering it, the baby will have grown considerably. The sash and inner panel held by a tie allow some adjustment in size. It'll be wearable for a month.