Fans of Bugs!

Bug Day at the Randall Museum. Such an event pre-selects its attendees - those who do not like bugs of course steer clear. Thus, all those who joined were huge bug enthusiasts, and were intrigued to hold bug friends such as the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, Giant Millipede and Giant Thorny Phasmid. These invertebrates were guests of the museum courtesy of The Randall people asked me to capture the expressions of kids holding bugs, but none that I saw made a Completely Astounded face. All were very excited by calm and curious, treating the bugs with great respect and with a gentle touch.

Whew. It's tough finding the time to blog; it seems most every moment is filled - with being a Mom or squeezing in a bit of computer editing photo work. There is always something to clean up... maybe it's procrastination of cleaning right now that has pushed me to add a blog entry!  I am thoroughly enjoying my time with my toddler these days, and am happy to forego pushing my photo biz in favor of spending days touring city playgrounds, exploring farmer's markets and singing kid songs for her. I can get back to photos any time; toddlerhood doesn't come back.