My husband rarely asks me to draw for him. He'd asked me to do a drawing of "Godzilla, a banjo, and the Golden Gate Bridge" before, but I forgot, as I am a busy lady. He asked me again, and I realized he was quite serious, and I realized that he would resort to some awful clip art if I didn't come up with something. And so I got to work on some sketches. The main difficulty:
- Banjo players are often viewed front on, but Godzilla's head is hard to draw front on
I google-imaged comic drawings of Godzilla, to see how other artists had tackled the Front-View-Of-Reptile, and most often, Godzilla was portrayed at a 3/4 angle. I consciously tried not to make him too cute. I have this drawing affliction where I draw critters cutely. I simply cannot draw ugly critters. I think this is a happy medium of Good-Lookin' Reptile without being huggable. This is a facebook banner after all, for an all-guy bluegrass cover band, Fog City Banjo. The colors were originally turquoise and tomato red. Can you make it less.... happy? he asked tentatively. Fine. Ominously dark slate-gray sky, tetanus-rust instead of red.

Fog City Banjo... Playing Sat 9/15 at 7pm at Chomp n Swing, and Sun 9/16 at 2pm at the Human Be In fest in GGP, San Francisco.