Pure Kid Fun

Palo Alto Summer Blooms have long left us alas, as they do make for such vivid and fun photo shoot play environments. Two weeks ago I left San Francisco; there were hints of an Indian Summer, so I returned recently with high hopes for warm weather. Instead, the crisp Fall - cool air and a smattering of leaves, weather beaten macabre decorations dragged out for their annual one month hanging.

A pile of edits awaits. Being laptopless is probably a blessing - I couldn't bring my work on vacation with me. Now through jet lagged lenses,  I jump on the opportunity to photoshop when I am energized at 6am, thinking: I am going to have a long productive day! To be seized by a nap attack at 3pm. It feels very much like large bed tentacles peel me off my desk and tuck me in for an afternoon snooze.

This set of Garden photos has snapped me out of the strange dream fog that accompanies deep midday slumber, and has snapped me out of writing like I'm in creative writing class. I loved doing this shoot. Basically, we let the kids be kids; without worry of dirtying outfits or scuffing shoots, without requesting poses. It's pure kid fun that makes for photos like these.