Block Printing - Year of the Water Snake

What you've always wanted to do: Print your very own Lunar New Year cards! My co-teacher Lettie and I will be teaching a Block Printing Workshop on February 2nd 2013, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm, at Creative Canopy - a new community art center in Inner Richmond (4338 California St, SF 94118). Please email me if you'd like to sign up!
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I started with a pencil drawing of my design. In this case, I wanted to print a watery background for a snake that I'd already designed. I put the design, pencil side down on my rubber print block (much like a giant eraser) and pressed to transfer the design. Using cutting tools, I carved out the design. The pink stuff is really easy to cut, unlike linoleum and wood which require much umph.

Ink and roller were prepped - a small dollop a dime in diameter is plenty of ink. A bit of rolling evens out the ink texture, and I rolled it smoothly onto my carved block. Next, turned the block upside down and placed it carefully on paper, and pressed. I used a flat (plain) block to press downwards, for even pressure.

Next, grabbed my previously-made snake design, rolled it with a contrasting ink and printed it over the water pattern. Did a couple of variations and Voila! A whole mass of watery snakes, perfectly eye-catching as fliers. If you're lucky you can grab one of these prints at a local retailer or public service provider.