Back on the Blog

It has been a long time since my last post. A few weeks ago, my computer crashed. Completely died, hard drive non-retrievable by the local mac repair company down the street. I had all my original photos backed up, and my most recent edits had been burned to CD to mailed to clients. However, I hadn't backed up those edits yet and so, I didn't have any photos to share. I've since created more stuff, and so I'm back to blogging.

A few months ago, Creative Canopy opened a mere block away. Owner/director Elia, saw the spot available for rent and jumped on it to start this art and craft community center. The place is proving popular with the school-aged set, and she's running a summer day camp. She asked me to design the flyer, and given that I've not done design for years now, I was very happy for the chance to do some drawing, as well as play with my NEW computer, and cloud-based Photoshop and Illustrator. Here's what I came up with, given 3 days to put it together. I wanted to be as time efficient as possible, but the hand drawn element, thought time consuming, adds that inviting element. It might be a bit more toddlery than K-5th, but what really matters is that it's attractive to parents. My life is immersed in toddleriness right now, it's hard not to let it affect my design. At first the kids looked more like toddlers, but then I shrank their heads and they look maybe like kindergarteners. Why yes that IS my kid and her friend!

I'm excited to be one of the Featured Local Artists who will be a Guest Teacher for the Summer Camp. Making a mental list of things I can do with the kids, such as paper airplane design, shadow puppets, something with papier mache...