New Project

Summer is the season to try something new. I've started doing a little teaching at a new, local art community center called Creative Canopy. Just getting off the ground, the director invited local artists to teach and hold workshops. Of course, advertising is a big deal for a new company. While there was a big pile of artists' business cards, she lamented that it would be nice to have a hand out for people who dropped by expressing interest in classes. She did have a newsletter - I checked it out and found it to be a rather unexciting word document.

I'd been wanting a reason to teach myself InDesign, and here it was! With a background of Photoshop and Illustrator, InDesign was not very different. I wish I hadn't been daunted for so long. It certainly is great at dealing with text and layout. It was actually fun, thinking about font types and sizes, spacing, placement of titles and images. I volunteered to do a little artist spotlight, to further pep up the newsletter, and interviewed Ayoung Kim, an acupuncturist and Qigoing artist.

While I love photography of course, it is refreshing to apply my art skills to a different medium and purpose. Keeps my brain happy.