Babies Left and Right

Many babies have arrived in the last few months, and many more are to arrive in the upcoming months. I am far behind on my baby-gift crafting. I have a long list of baby projects in my head, we'll see how many come to actual existence, before carpal tunnel from my own pregnancy renders my hands useless.

I'm still very fond of the name bunting, in shield shapes. The shield shape fits letters better than triangles. The fabric is double sided (single sided, or inter-facing backed single sided buntings look flimsy), the letters are felt, placed with iron-on inter-facing and then stitched along the edges. They're strung on 3/4" cotton twill tape folded in half, and sewn the entire length. Looped the twill tape on the ends, for easy hanging. Cotton twill tape is so useful. It's not soft enough for baby blankets or clothing, but can otherwise be used to easily cover up raw edges, and comes in great colors.

I assume the mom of the recipient baby is too busy with her newborn to check my blog and see his surprise bunting.