New Year, New Projects

It's been so long since, well my last post, and since I'd done illustration of any sort. I realize I miss having a drawing/ painting implement in my hand, and the freedom and control that these media offer - very different from photography. I felt rather rusty at first, my hand taking a moment to interpret what my head instructed; my lines uncertain as I reacquainted myself with the brush. I feel like I've not used that part of my brain in years. Which I haven't! I've recently been inspired because my daughter is finally old enough to wield a brush with control, painting with intention and focus unlike her earlier days when painting consisted of mashing globs of paint on paper and everything else in close proximity.

We started with holiday ornaments, snowflakes cut from rolled polymer clay and decorated with glitter glue. Sculpey III rolled to 1/4 inch thickness worked well with cookie cutters, and the glitter glue, Target Up & Up brand, was of surprisingly good quality - even flow and dense with glitter. Both my kid and I were addicted - we huddled over our snowflakes, together squeezing little tubes. I am very fond of her abstract snowflakes.

I switched to Sculpey Original polymer clay for the animals, it being more cost efficient. It is not as white as Sculpey III and was softer before baking, but served its ornament purpose just as well. Craft acrylic paints for the even opaque color.

In this upcoming low season of photography, I aspire to (1) Post more art blog posts! and (2) re-expand my art horizons with non-art projects. Everything I come across in my inspiration browsing is so enticing to me right now - paper cut art, illustration, sewing... I don't know where to begin.