Logo design. Something I should have thought about a long time ago, but didn't. Only 3 days until Craft Show, so I figured I'd whip one out on Illustrator as quickly as I could, and make different color schemes. Did these in about 1.5 hours. Good enough for now! They will hopefully be printed as stickers, and given out for free.

The mastodon basically looks like an elephant in this logo, but that's OK, people like elephants. I thought it would be too confusing (and too wordy) to put both "Mastodon Garden" and my website on the sticker, so I only included my website address. I could eventually buy a Mastodon Garden domain name, but "Mastodon Garden" was thought up on a whim too... perhaps I should put more thought into marketing!

Blossoms because there is a Korean vase with blossoms on my desk, and they look pretty, ginkgo leaves because I like the name, I like the shape, and I think ginkgo trees have been around for a long time relative to other trees.