The North Park Craft Mafia Spring Line Up was my first craft fair. I shared a table with a co-crafter, pictured above at our little shop. She makes bags and little baby blankets and books. I liked our display, which seemed piled and cluttered with stuff (not unlike my desk) - seemed more inviting than displays that were flat and neat. However, improvements could be made to the display, for example: the t-shirts should be hand and more prominent (I don't think it was apparent that they were t-shirts), text could be bigger (people didn't realize that the wood decoupage tiles included individually hand drawn drawings, even though I'd included a little sign), and I don't think that anyone noticed the lamp worked pendants at all.

Pricing is difficult. Artists always tell other artists to never undersell one's self, and in the long run I'll be glad not to have done so. And considering the time / skill / investment in materials, hand made stuff really shouldn't be cheap. But people don't go to craft fairs planning to spend a hunk of money at once. So there's a balance to be struck.

2/3 of all sales were made to friends!! Thanks to all of you who came out to support us. Thus, if I do multiple craft fairs per year, I should probably expect to make 1/3 of what I did, as I wouldn't expect friends to come out and buy something every time. Then again maybe not; now that I have a better idea of what "random" people like to buy, I can focus on expanding that collection of items and make more sales. I referring to the wood decoupage tiles. Almost all of my Random sales were of either Avian Life or French Cats decoupage pendants. It makes sense... there was a lot of beaded jewelry competition, but the decoupage tiles were completely unique.

Anyways, I'm exhausted.