GOPINK, a team of women raising money for breast cancer research, hosted a fund-raising fashion show and silent auction. This was my first direct sun fashion show shoot, and I made use of flash to reduce harsh shadows, though some shadow still came through, particularly in the eye socket area.

I've photographed so many fashion shows now, that I have certain expectations of models. With experienced models, there's some unsaid agreement that at the end of the catwalk, she will strike a photogenic pose in each photographer's direction, and seemingly, wait for a click, or a nod, to confirm that a good shot has been taken. I know that she will strike at least 3 poses showing off different angles, and hold each one long enough to get 3 or so shots. With all these expectations, I'm extra appreciative of models that know what they're doing, and inwardly exclaim to newbie models: Walk slower! Stop and pose! Look this way! Argh! I never expected to become particular about catwalk models.