The Birch is often the venue for media events. We get notifications that this or that channel will be filming on a particular day. Today, TLC (The Learning Channel) videoed some TV show about a single mother on a date with a guy, who was to meet her kids for the first time. Anyways, the director wanted areas of the aquarium closed for their videoing, so Exhibits dept was to whip out a sign warning guests of the situation. I gave the Birch logo fish a little director's clapper.

Knowing there would be videoing in the Hall of Fishes, I figured I'd better get on with fixing the kelp tank fish ID label box, which at the time sat unlit and blank. Fish labels are slid into slots on the back of the plexi window. The problem was, the plastic separators that formed the slots (black horizontal stripes on pic 3) kept unsticking and falling off, and thus all the fish labels would fall too.

So I took down the entire plexi sheet and epoxied the previously double-stick taped plastic separators onto the plexi. After a few hours of trouble shooting (fish labels that were too big to fit in standard slots, epoxy reacting with vinyl, etc) the whole thing was remounted and will hopefully stay in tact for at least a year, at which point we will be getting digital labels.

A surprising amount of exhibits work is simply maintenance of signage that is already up. Stuff is CONSTANTLY falling down or being broken or chipped or peeled (intentionally, by kids that don't know better as well as adults who can't resist a picking at sticker edges).