This has been one of my more troublesome prints, probably because it's the largest I've attempted so far. It's about 16" long and 10" wide, which means there's a large surface area over which to maintain even pressure when running over it with ink and a squeegee. There's also more area over which a screen could be accidentally nudged in between ink runs, thus blurring the design.

I originally printed directly on the blue t-shirt, messed up and washed the ink out as best I could. A shadow remained, so rather than reprint over the shadow, I found an old too-small taupe t-shirt and printed the design in blue on that, cut it out, and sewed it (ie. appliqued) onto the blue t-shirt, covering the shadow.

I was immediately fond of the result. And I suddenly have a use for the old t-shirts that I don't wear but have been too lazy to donate!