Another long delay between posts, but rest assured, I should be getting back into the swing of posting, as I've moved, unpacked (though not re-organized), and I have an internet connection.

These photos were taken in late August. Unfortunately the tide pool side was in the extreme shade, and there wasn't much room for the camera to back into, so the result is a not-so brightly colored, wide-angle distorted image. The van had been brought in to show off to the donors, even though it had not been completely outfitted with the sea life support systems yet.

A few days after I arrived in SF, I received an email from the van coordinator person. Apparently, the donor's name was spelled wrong; "Glen" instead of "Glenn". That part is on the underside of the leopard shark, on the kelp forest side. The prelim designs went through several rounds of of reviews, but no-one caught it. Alas. I think they're going to print a sticker to place over it?