The idea was to pose the tote on the green background of the sofa, but as soon as Charlotte saw sofa activity, she took the spot where the tote would have sat. Thus, the tote was placed on Charlotte, and she heaved a withering sigh, but was cooperative.

The fabric is none other than Ikea fabric! They sell by the yard, this one was $5.99 per yard. Nice bold colors on canvas like fabrics, good for screen printing and making bags. I tried making a slightly nicer than usual tote, with a pocket on the inside, substantial handles, and a lining around the rim of the bag to help keep its rectangle shape. This prototype took about, oh, 2.5 hours to make. Now I have a better idea of fabric piece sizes and how to sew it up more efficiently.

I didn't intend for this to be Halloweeny, but it turned out to be Halloweeny colors. Well, it's the right time of year.