My first photo gig in SF! I'd photographed a Sassy Chicks event in San Diego, though not for Sassy Chicks. I found the organizers so friendly that I contacted them and asked if they'd like to have a photographer at their SF event. They said yes, and so off I went yesterday; hopped on a bus to Cathedral Hill Hotel on Van Ness and Geary.
Sassy Chicks is a shopping event; up and coming designers and boutiques have a little stall and sell vastly discounted stuff. There are also free salon services to sample. Here, a stylist prepares a model for the wedding look.
From my observations of shoppers, there is a much greater range of what is fashionable in SF than San Diego. Well, maybe not range, but a more even distribution along the range of classic business-look to boho artist made-this-myself look. I saw a lot of interesting accessories and tops, usually reserved for the minority artsy in SD. I suppose that isn't a big surprise.