Indie-Mart started at 12 noon, but things didn't really get rolling until 2:30pm. I was getting worried about simply coming out even after booth rental. But the afternoon crowds showed up, and despite our lovely location in front of the port-a-potties, sales went decently well. The live bands and DJs played on the other side of the port-a-potties, so actually it wasn't a bad place to be; the music audience traffic caused shoppers to slow down near to my booth.

The cuff bracelets you see in the foreground were my most popular item, followed by the pen & ink decoupage pendants, though not one animal emerged as the most popular. I had leftover t-shirts too. T-shirts, I've decided, are not worth the effort and cost. I'll do them for friends and via special order, but to have to guess what sizes in what colors with what design shoppers will want to buy - it never works out for me.

On the side of the booth, I also set up my comics, and a little display with my photos, in case anyone happened to want their portrait taken. Only one person took a card. I think had the demographic been more parent-oriented, photography might have been more popular. This crowd were 20-30 indie types, only a few kids, but lots of dogs! Speaking of photos, these were taken with my little powershot, as I didn't feel like lugging the dslr around. Consequently, not so pleased with photo quality, oh well.

Someone spilled gin on my cuffs, towards the end of the day. She started trying to flag me down, and I thought she wanted to Buy a cuff but no, I was notified that my cuffs sat in a puddle of gin. She apologized profusely, and fortunately the cuffs were in a plastic tray, so the gin hadn't spread to other items. Well, better gin than a more stinky drink. So cuffs were taken off display to be blotted.