I've added some more animals to the collection. I'm fond of the rabbit/ tortoise pink pendant, as well as the latest design: hedgehog. With hedgehog, I decided to add some color to the drawing, with red ink and brown color pencil, and the result looked great! Why didn't I color in any of my drawings before??

Today I've been working on my displays. I've crafted a 2D cardboard tree on which to hang jewelry (held in place by a wooden clothespin, most likely). After cutting out the tree silhouettes from re-used cardboard, I decoupaged them with some wrapping paper. The paper is dark brown with light slate-blue fuzzy stuff making up the pattern. Pretty cool. Then the challenge was figuring out hot to get the trees to stand up. At first I thought of using 2 simple bookends, back to back, and attaching the tree to that. But I couldn't find bookends. I rummaged around and found a wooden sushi display/platform and a small piece of wood I'd bought many years ago in Tokyo - back in my wood block printing days -that I'd never used. I glue-gunned the wood block to the sushi platform, tied the tree to block, and voila. The ribbon looks a bit awkward, I'll try to find some other way of non-permanent attachment.